Decking the Halls!

4 Dec

This is a bit of an overdue post (by my standards – often disproportionate when it comes to things I expect from myself), but here it is! My way of letting off steam about how exciting it has been to deck our halls.

You see, having a brother born on the 15th of December has meant that for most of my life, I have had to wait for this date to pass before anybody allowed the Christmas celebrations to proceed. It’s terribly sad I know!! So, as this year I moved into a lovely little flat with the love (who is not quite as festive as me), I have been boss for the first time, and Christmas was launched on the 1st 🙂

I would like to share some pictures with you!

Here is the tree:


There are candy canes on it for when my brothers come round. My Nan used to always have chocolates on the tree for us to eat, and it was so special that I’ve stolen the idea from her. Another idea I will be thieving is to wrap all of the presents I’ve bought and put them under the tree before Christmas. I feel as though this is a treat for grown ups, but should definitely be avoided with children. Santa comes on the 24th everyone!

I made some baubles to decorate it.


Well, I bought some cheap silver, red and white baubles, and covered them in different coloured lace. This is my tentative effort to get back into crafts. Next to it is my favourite decoration 🙂

Here is another goodun:


Of course, we couldn’t leave out the only other fella who lives indoors with us. His name is Martin and I don’t believe you’ve had the pleasure yet, so this is him at his most photogenic:


This is my attempt at getting him ready for the festive season. It is his winter wonderland 😛


Just in case it is not obvious, the white material under his tank is a layer of snow.

My final word is (I think) the most spectacular.

For many years, I was unable to contemplate having an advent calendar. There were times when I bought one, full of nostalgia and longing, but the stress was too much and they went very much to waste. Knowing that this year I am READY for it, the love bought me a VERY POSH special Prestat advent calendar XD Look!


Isn’t it beautiful? :’)

I remember in school, me and my friends would always tell each other what we got in our advent calendar that morning. Common answers would have been ‘a wreath’, ‘a robin’ or ‘a snowman’, but I never was able to say ‘an orange and frankincense truffle’… until now!!!

I hope everybody else is having fun in the build up to Christmas too 😀

2 Responses to “Decking the Halls!”

  1. diane mavity December 5, 2012 at 4:38 pm #

    not only a chef you should be but a writer tooX

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