Just a quick word to say…

28 Nov

Those of you who have read the ‘about me’ page on this blog will know that I think a lot of Nigella Lawson.

I met her yesterday :3


And I can honestly say that I wasn’t prepared for Nigella ‘in the flesh’.

Seeing her on telly is one thing, but when she is in the same room, it’s breathtaking. It is incredibly unfunny that she can be so beautiful.

I am gutted that I have no photo of the two of us to share, so allow me to paint you a picture…

*Nigella sits behind a desk in a gorgeous purple dress looking pretty unreal. I stand on the other side of the desk trying not to blurt out nonsensical rubbish, wondering whether I should be wearing my hat indoors… some people find that offensive right? What if Nigella finds that offensive!? Haha. I am wishing with my whole heart for a body guard or camera man to take pity on my star-struck expression and allow my boyfriend to take a photo of us… *

That’s right, I have a boyfriend. I am not even gay. I just love the woman to bits.

*I walk away, trying not to fall down the stairs as  my legs are trembling as a result of nerves and queueing for over 2 hours.*

All worth it, cos’ I got to thank her for being one of my go-to inspirations as I fought for my health.

One Response to “Just a quick word to say…”

  1. diane mavity November 28, 2012 at 7:15 pm #

    Aaah x

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