Autumn Days…

28 Oct

I am very proud to announce that today I have fulfilled a long-standing ambition. I have carved my first pumpkin! And of course I am keen to show anyone with eyes 🙂

Brace yourselves because here it is…



Another Autumnal adventure this afternoon: chestnut hunting.

Me and the love had a tip off from an anonymous source that our local woods were heaving with chestnuts right about now, so clearly, my mind bursting with ideas, we wrapped ourselves up and went on a bike ride with 3 bags for life. We were very optimistic.

In true ‘that is so typical of my life’ fashion, we got there and the only remaining chestnuts were shrivelled and soft, lying on the floor looking bright and inviting until we got up close and picked one up.

Oh chestnut pasta, oh chestnut chocolate torte, oh chestnut preserves and marrons glacés (I was going to look into whether you could make these from home). I guess I’ll have to buy some from the shops like most people. Well I’ve got to make them now haven’t I!?

Still, we had a lovely day. Autumn is beautiful, it’s not to be missed. Here’s some pictures.

A final word: isn’t it ironic how the last few days of college are torture; you drag yourself out of bed screaming inside because you’re just so tired. Then half term starts and for the first time in years and years, you spring out of bed at 5am! And this is the day that the clocks go back.  There’s something not quite right about this.

One Response to “Autumn Days…”

  1. musingmar December 3, 2012 at 3:02 am #

    Love the pumpkin – it’s utterly charming!

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