Venison with Quince

19 Oct

This is my first time with venison AND quince, which is why I’m posting a picture:

I was incredibly impressed by both, and was really proud as I did them justice via the cooking!

The recipe is entirely taken from: www.­bbcgoodfood.­com/­recipes/­166611/­venison-­with-­quince

When it’s my first time with an ingredient I like to follow the advice of the professionals so I know how it’s supposed to turn out!

It’s an expensive meal but couldn’t be more worth it. And everything needed is in season, so what better time to have a go?

The quince is meltingly tender, sweet and buttery; the venison – likewise though obviously rich and juicy to boot. Rosemary is my favourite herb so a winner all round for me as it’s added to everything! I didn’t cook the cavolo nero because I felt there was enough on the plate without it.

I found the quince paste from a local farm shop, but at this time of year I imagine it will be much easier to find than usual. I know they do it in John Lewis… In any case you can always find these things on the internet! Ocado…

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