My New Challenge!

19 Oct

Hello everyone 😀

There is a good chance I am getting way ahead of myself with this blog as I haven’t actually been cooking for very long (see About!), but since I’ve been living in my own flat I have become head over heels with experimenting, and for a long time I’ve felt a real need for an outlet to help channel my obsession.

I still tend to follow quite a few recipes from various sources, but I’m developing the confidence now to put my own spin on things, and to start creating my own recipes.

My aim for this blog is to record my progress with cooking, which will hopefully rise until I can bang out recipes like nobody’s business :P, and to promote positive body image as far as possible.

Other notes:

  • My photography is likely to start out terrible. I am hoping to improve in this area too.
  • There will be tangents. I’m very tangently inclined.

I truly hope you enjoy what you find 🙂

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